You know that feeling when you find a link and can't remember what was useful about it? 

Or you can't remember why you saved it in the first place? 

That brain energy is needlessly being used on memory 😵, when it should be going on critical though, creativity and imagination. 

So, worry no more. Create a note.

How to create a note

When you save something to a project, you'll activate the ability to add a note. 

This will be indicated adjacent to the post you've saved, labelled 'Add Summary'. 

Simply click this area and start adding your summary of why it was important to you 

i.e. The 5th issue in this article discusses the negative effects of overpopulation. This is similar to what Hans Rosing was discussing in one of his Ted Talks and could be useful for my blog. 

Hit 'Save post' and you'll no longer have to rely on memory ever again. It's locked in. It's safe. It will always be here. 

Save your thinking time for the good stuff, not for memory! 😌

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