If you're looking for this article, we're sorry you've had an experience that means you need to block someone. 

If there is anyone you feel is violating the community guidelines, please also flag that user and tell us why they should be investigated so that we can protect the wider community too. 

To Report Someone 

Visit their profile and click the 'flag' option underneath their profile photo. 

You'll then be asked to enter a message for why you think we should look into moderating this account. Please enter any information you feel is relevant and send any attachments to help@mywondr.co

How to Block Someone 

If you have been contacted by someone who is either abusing, spamming or otherwise negatively affecting your experience, please follow these steps: 

Step 1 - Don't Reply to Message

If you've been messaged, please don't reply to the message.
If the person is asking for personal identifiable information like an email address, home address or phone number, do not provide them at all.

There is no reason someone should be asking for your personal information until you completely trust them and know who they are. 

Step 2 - Block the User 

If the user is becoming a pest, the best way to resolve this is to block them so they can't interact with you again on WONDR. 

If you are blocking someone from the messenger on WONDR, simply click the three dots adjacent to the message they've sent and select 'Block User'

This option can also be found on the line where the recipient of the messages is listed (top of the messenger). There are three dots at the end of that line whereby you can also delete the entire chat too. 

If you wish to review your 'blocked user' list, please head to the 'Account' dropdown in your header and select 'Blocked Users' 

If you wish to report the user to our team, simply visit their profile and select the 'Flag' option. This is found adjacent to the 'connect' button. 

Please email us on help@mywondr.co if there's anything else you'd like to discuss or if you have any questions, concerns around people on the platform. 

Thank you

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