Creating projects are a useful way to organise your bookmarks and build up collections which can be shared with your friends or other likeminded people.

Create a Project from your Dashboard

To create a project visit your dashboard and access the projects tab, by clicking on your profile picture (step 1) then on your dashboard clicking on step 2:

Next, click 'Create a Project' 

A side panel will appear for you to

  • Add a title - this is the subject you're looking to learn more about
  • Add a brief description - we recommend stating the purpose of your project here and what you hope to understand 
  • Set as Private or Public - allow others to see it on your profile or keep it private just for yourself
  • Add  'tags' - (if you set this to Public, tags will help likeminded people discover it later) 

Once done, click Save Project at the bottom of the side panel. And voila! 👍

Create a Project when saving

On WONDR, you can save the stuff that's been found by others. 

This option is available on the "newsfeed" and in "discover" 

Click on any post and click the save button:

Next on the Save Post Screen, amend any fields you like, but then before you click save at the bottom select Create New Project from the Add Post to Project Dropdown:

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Creating Topics

From here you can create 'Topics', which work like sub-folders and help you organise further. If you want to learn how to use the management tools in a project, read this article.

Creating Notes - 

Once you've set up a project and you've added your bookmarks, you'll activate the ability to create notes on the bookmarks.

Notes help you to write down what was important about the bookmark, so you never have to rely on your memory for why it was useful. Here's how to create them.

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