So, if you're not discovering useful information or people on WONDR, we have a concierge service. 

You matter a great deal to us, and we care deeply about helping you find what you want. Therefore, 

We'd love to hear from you

Send a message to our team on the 'Live Chat' (bottom right of your screen) and let us know: 

  • What topic you're interested in, be as specific as possible if you can 
  • Whether you want more information on a topic 
  • Or what sort of people you'd like to reach

We will go and do the searching for you!

Ideal example post:
"Hi team, I'm looking to understand how social media is being used to raise awareness around sustainability in society. I'm looking for academic literature mostly, but any credible bloggers and articles would also be handy.
I'd love to talk with someone who manages a social account for sustainability issues or who works in a company helping to resolve these problems."

...Or use our Web Page Saving Tool

Alternatively you can save information that you find from around the web, using our browser plugins. 

To understand how to install these, visit our "how do I save links" help guide.

Continuing to populate WONDR with useful and trustworthy content is a priority for us. Thank you for bearing with us during these initial stages of our journey.

Please get in touch in the mean-time and we will do all we can to help you 🤟😇

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