We created WONDR so that people can share useful insights and learn together openly; however privacy is a very important topic for us and always will be. 

So when it comes to saving stuff, we understand that sometimes you may want to keep something private.

This applies to "Projects" and "Posts/Links you have Saved"

How to Know If its Public or Private

  • If it has a padlock - its private
  • If its hasn't got a padlock - its public

Example of Private Post:

How to Control your Privacy

To save something privately immediately:

  • Save via the plugin
  • Add a post within a private project

To save or post something publicly

  • Post to the Newsfeed
  • Save a post from the newsfeed/discover area
  • Add a post to a public project

Managing my Project Privacy Overtime

When you create a project you will get the option of making it private or public at any point of time. 

There are two ways of changing the privacy of your projects:

When you create a project

Hit 'Mark as Private' and when it turns green, you know your project is private

After a project is created

If you have already made a project but it was public, you can change it to private at any time by clicking here on any project you have created. 

When it's green, it will immediately turn private and no one, other than you, can view it. 

If you have shared your project (using the options below), the moment you turn it private, all external visitors will have their access revoked. 

We understand this is an important topic. If you feel we could improve the way we provide you with privacy options, please feel free to email us and let us know -

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