You can save links in one of three ways:

  1. Install our Browser Plugin (Desktop Only)

Adding our bookmark plugin to your browser is the quickest way to save information you have found from outside of WONDR. 

This is the quickest and most convenient way to save links. Once installed the bubble logo will appear on your browser (shown in the image below) 

Wherever you are on the web, if you click the bubble, it will save the webpage privately in your dashboard.

To install a plugin, follow the quick installation guide for your respective browser:

After installing, the WONDR icon should appear in your browser. This means you're ready to start saving pages to your dashboard 

    2. Save a post from Newsfeed/Discover (All devices)

The WONDR community is all about sharing. So as users post and save useful links (publicly) these can be found in your Newsfeed or in Discover. To save any post, click on the post and hit the save button in the bottom right:

This will open up the save post screen, where you can make any changes, such as a note, the title or tags before finally saving it for safe keeping.

    3. In a Project (All Devices)

On any Project, create a topic then click Add Post.

At the bottom of the side bar that opens, click create new post.

Happy saving!

Reminder: Please don't forget that all links must be saved in line with our Community Guidelines 😊

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