Important Note: If you haven't created a project yet, click here to learn how to do that first. Topics are only available once you've created a project. 


What is a Topic? 

A topic is essentially a sub-folder, which helps you break up the knowledge you're collecting into separate areas. 

This can be useful for when you have large topics, that you'd like to split into sections within an overall topic (project) for easier accessibility. 

How to Create a Topic 

Hit the green button 

In the side panel add: 

  • A topic title 
  • A topic description - what do you aim to collect in this area? 

Hit 'Save topic' to add it to your project and save your progress.

You'll get a notification that it's been added (blue box). 

Plus, you'll notice that a new area has been created (green box) and that you now also have a new chapter for your project down the left hand side (purple box).

So, you're all setup now on how to make more from your project. 

All that's left is to start saving information in those areas as you build your knowledge 🙌

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